The Start of Smiling Rooster Farm

Inspired by the still thriving turkey farm my uncle started in central New Jersey back in 1948, Smiling Rooster Farm was launched in 2011 for the purpose of producing high quality ready-to-eat turkey products. Our USDA inspected facility is a resurrection of a plant formerly known as Fiddler’s Creek Farm, which ceased operation in 2004. I remember delivering turkeys with my uncle to Fiddler’s Creek Farm over 35 years ago. The turkeys we delivered back then would be slow cooked and smoked with real hickory. My uncle’s business gradually shifted away from wholesale turkey sales and we slowly lost contact with Fiddler’s Creek Farm.

In 2011, I found out that the Fiddler’s Creek smokehouse facility had been shut down and abandoned. My uncle’s farm, now being run by my cousin, was only involved in the production of raw turkey product for retail sales, so I felt that there was an opportunity to produce ready-to-eat turkey products such as smoked turkey breast, turkey kielbasa, and turkey breakfast sausage. I approached the new owners of the property that the smokehouse facility was located on and they agreed to let me resurrect it. After about a year of cleaning, renovations and repairs we were cleared by the USDA to begin production.


…and The Beginning of Macie’s Own

Macie’s Own Dog Treats evolved out of the production of our USDA inspected smoked turkey breast for human consumption back in 2013. During the packaging process, it was necessary for us to remove the pointed ends of the smoked turkey breast that develop when they are hung in netting during the smoking and cooking process; a pointed end is likely to pierce the vacuum sealed packaging. Each day I would bring some of the turkey breast ends home for our Australian Shepherd, Macie. She absolutely loved them. This became quite a routine, so whenever I would come home from the farm smelling of smoke, she anticipated her treats. As production increased, so did the accumulation of smoked turkey breast ends. I began giving them to other dog owners and when there was enthusiastic response, I struck on the idea of a dedicated process for the production of dog treats. To make a long story short… we launched Macie’s Own in 2014.

At this time, almost all of our production is dedicated to the production of our all-natural dog treats.

We will always be committed to keeping it simple; real meat, real smoke, and nothing artificial.