The History of the Macie’s Own Product Line

When I first began bringing home scraps of smoked turkey breast home from our smokehouse for our Australian Shepherd, Macie, I noticed an unusual enthusiasm that I attributed to the smoky flavor of the meat. It almost seemed as if her love of the smoked meat was a primal urge that was rooted in prehistoric times when dogs first bonded with humans around ancient campfires. It seems to me that the smell of smoked meat symbolizes the bond between dogs and humans.

At Macie’s Own we continue that ancient tradition. We use quality meat, real hickory wood smoke, a little bit of sea salt, and just a little bit of seasoning. We keep it simple and true. Our jerky dog treats are whole-muscle boneless, skinless breast meat and our snaps are made from boneless, skinless turkey thigh. Our ingredients are few and our process is kept simple. We don’t follow trends. We don’t believe in gimmicks. There is nothing pretentious about us or our products. The product that we make today could have been made 2000 years ago. Of course we have modernized the process a bit, but our product is still as honest as it gets.

All of our treats are produced and packaged in our facility in Lambertville, New Jersey. We maintain a very clean facility and follow HACCP guidelines in the production of our treats.

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